Let me preface by saying that I’m just one person, I work a full time job on top of parenting, so I’m usually behind on my commission pile. There are both positives and negatives to this setup, but I have a system to make sure that I can deliver your commission in a timely manner. 

  • There are limited commission slots. You can reserve a space through the use of the store where payment or deposit (dependent on project) is due.
  • Be conscious of my artistic style. If you want a hyper realistic portrait, I’m not the artist for you. Check my portfolio for examples of my stylistic range to make sure you’re going to be able to get what you want. If you have any questions, just ask!
  • You are buying an original piece of digital art. You get to use it for the purpose agreed upon when you purchase it, but I will maintain the rights to reuse it for whatever I want. 
  • Multiple figures/characters are far more complicated to work with, and take up a lot more time. I encourage you to stick to one or two. I always offer my professional opinion on what will look best for you to consider.
  • I withhold the right to decline any project, at any point in time, for any reason. Your deposit will be returned.
  • If I finish your piece, but you don’t collect it or otherwise make arrangements with me, I withhold the right to sell it to someone else. Your deposit will not be returned.
  • These are personal commissions. NOT commercial commissions. Using the commission outside of agreed terms, (i.e. selling for personal profit) will result in me using my rights as the copyright owner.
  • For commercial commissions, please reach out for pricing.

Sound great?  Let’s talk more.

Commission PrICES

  • Playmats/Posters/General Image – $400 for one character. $550 for two. Contact for quote on more than 2. $125 Deposit required.
  • Logo/T-Shirt Design  – $500. $125 Deposit required.
  • Other art – Price varies. Please contact me for pricing.
  • Bruxish Playmats – $5000 for one Bruxish. $12000 for two. $750 Deposit required

Commission Process

  • Secure your place in line through the store.
  • You will receive an email outlining the next steps you need to take. This includes communicating your idea to me, any reference material, and any other information you deem important to this.
  • I will start the concepting process. These first images will be used to give you a rough outline of what I intend to do. The concepting phase is the appropriate time to bring up any major changes you want, i.e. changing a character, their pose, the environment, etc. Any requests for major changes after the concept has been finalized will incur an additional fee.
  • Once we agree on a direction to move forward with the concept, you will receive 2 additional revisions for minor changes only, i.e. simple color changes, placement of some elements, easy to complete requests. Any requests for minor changes after the first 2 revisions will incur an additional fee.
  • All outstanding charges are required to be paid before final delivery.
  • The finished digital work will be sent via Dropbox where you can download any files needed for use.

Questions? Let’s talk.