Things Every Amazonian Should Know

Things Illustrations

Amazon Internal Communications in 2018 created an internal email newsletter, “Things Every Amazonian Should Know.” The original email was put together in a scrappy way with inconsistent spacing, major regional differences, and no rules for branding. In 2019, Zach Roy was tasked with creating an email template and brand system for use in the “Things” emails.

Multiple directions and templates were explored of the email, with the illustrations above, and the email layout with shortened name below selected as the final designs. The Illustrations are created with shades of orange and blue as the only colors. Each icon is a piece of Amazon, something that they produce or something that is seen in people’s daily jobs. The email layout is a single column layout with an option for a split column to be used further down the email for less important stories. The smile at the end is always used for a hidden Easter egg, which may link to a joke product that is associated with the stories.

Things Email