Rufus the Corgi!

Amazon Internal Communications is a team within Amazon that creates messaging and stories for Amazon’s employee’s. When Zach Roy joined the team in 2018, one of the first tasks he took about was creating a mascot for both the team and for general use in communications. This lead to the creation of Rufus.

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Rufus’ history is intertwined with Amazon’s. He was the first dog in the company and has multiple buildings on the Amazon campus named after him. With that knowledge, Zach went forward with designing the new mascot around Rufus. With a set of guidelines written and distributed to any team that wanted to use the mascot, the original Rufus launched on Halloween 2017.

Rufus Original

Recently, the original Rufus was starting to show it’s age. The customer was starting to want Rufus in more situations that a human may be in. To meet this new customer demand, a redesign of the original Rufus was needed. Zach, inspired by UPA animations from the 1960’s, went forward to create a new design that was more expressive and animated in it’s design. Rufus 2.0 launched in March 2020.

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